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Our Values



Everyone has the right to take control of their health and wellbeing and our mission is to make it easy for people to do so using plant medicine.



Herbs are most effective when tailored to the individual and used as allies in healing, rather than just targeting specific symptoms. 


Do no harm

Our plant medicine comes from the earth, grown by loving farmers. We responsibly source our ingredients, and package in compostable and reusable packaging.

This is us

Founded by a Herbalist and Wellness Coach, AdaptDaily aims to help you tackle modern stresses and support your wellbeing. Our custom formulary offers organic or wild-crafted adaptogens, herbs and superfoods, enabling YOU to take charge of your health journey. With AdaptDaily, embrace tailor-made herbal solutions and experience the power of nature in transforming your well-being—one herb at a time!

Amber Allen

Founder  @ambernaturally

Herbalist, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who spent years battling inflammation, anxiety and chronic pain before finding the herbal path.

Kiki Athanas

Founder @kiki_athanas

Sought after wellness coach that helps women transform their bodies, minds and hearts. Currently on sabbatical and travelling the world.

Our Founders Story

I spent years dealing with crippling anxiety, chronic pain & inflammation. Plant medicine, nutrition and exercise were the only things that worked.

After feeling completely unsupported by traditional medicine, I turned to holistic healing and started to feel better than I had in years.  I was so thankful for the profound support, I decided others needed to know they were not alone in their healing journey. Since that time I have been able to incorporate the miracles of modern medicine with the support of plant medicine, nutrition and community.  - Amber Allen

Everyone should know how to use & have access to natural remedies.

We Take Pride in Being Different

AdaptDaily is not your ordinary herbal company. We understand that plant medicine is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we offer custom-blended adaptogenic herbs tailored to your unique needs and constitution.

Custom Blending Bar

Choose from tincture, powder, honey, or tea forms to create a blend that's perfect for you. Our custom blending bar allows you to craft a personalized adaptogen mix for your specific issues.

Free Consultation with Our Herbalist

Not sure what blend is right for you? Don't worry! We offer a free program where you can talk to our herbalist, who will create a custom supplement just for you.


Ready-Made Products + Bulk Herbs

In addition to our custom blends, we also have a range of ready-made products for sale and bulk herbs waiting to support your health and well-being.

Expertise and Experience

Our team consists of herbalists and nutritionists. But what sets us apart is that we've healed our own bodies and minds using adaptogen herbal supplements, nutrition, exercise, and mindset. We're living proof that you can take control of your health naturally.

Education and Empowerment

We're passionate about teaching people how they can heal themselves naturally. We believe that herbs are the medicine of the people, and we want to share our knowledge with you, so you can make informed decisions about your health.

Choose AdaptDaily to experience the power of custom-blended adaptogens and take control of your health, the natural way. 

The Power of Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogens & herbs are the medicine of the people. These powerful plants help the body adapt to stress, support the immune system, and promote overall health and well-being. 

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