We Care About Our
Health - in a Way That Fits Our Reality. 

Look, even as "Wellness Advocates", we totally get that sometimes life can get in the way. Nourishing yourself with the ingredients you need to thrive - including not only food & herbs, but also community, sunlight, and self-care - can sometimes feel like a struggle and a half.

That's why we love adaptogenic herbs: they meet you where you're at.  

Up until now, taking adaptogens to boost your resilience against both mental & physical stress, has meant often inconvenient powders which you need to disguise the taste of in food or beverages, several ginormous capsules, or alcohol-based tinctures (ew!). 

That didn't fly with our on-the-go boho-cosmo lifestyle, so we decided to infuse all-natural non-GMO gummies with a potent dose of our favourite most efficacious herbs in a synergistic blend that we literally FEEL the awesome effects from. Easy, peasy.



Kiki Athanas 

& Amber Allen

Amber Allen is the Founder of Amber Naturally, a boutique creative firm specializing in social media,
content marketing, design and marketing for natural health and wellness brands.


Amber started her career over fifteen years ago as a personal trainer and nutritionist in Vancouver BC. Her passion for natural healing eventually led her to study herbalism and all things wellness. A self-proclaimed,“certified foodie” Amber spends most of her days investing, working and promoting nutritional
superfood brands within the wellness space.


When she’s not geeking out over all things wellness you can find her outdoors hiking or running with her three dogs.

Kiki Athanas is a wellness enthusiast who has devoted her life to learning (& sharing!) about all things health - from biohacking, to crystals, and everything in-between. 

Kiki is passionate about discovering and implementing powerful (yet accessible) ways to heighten the quality of her life - whilst demystifying those insights and how-to's on her lifestyle blog, MEbyKiki.com, to make it ever more accessible to the modern masses. 

Today, Kiki runs retreats and workshops educating on mindfulness + green living, is the In-House Wellness Expert @ Calii Love, a Co-Founder @ A Mindful Collective, and above all else - is passionate about bringing the healing powers of herbs into our everyday realities.