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The first ever Health-Canada approved gummy containing adaptogens that are traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help increase resistance to stress. 

Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs that allow our bodies to sustain an adaptive response and minimize some of the harmful effects that a prolonged stress response can cause.

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The Product

Efficacious Organic Herbs You Can Feel, In a Form You Will Want to Taste.

AdaptDaily is nutrition innovation that’s supportive and optimizing.

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Julian Ho 

Fitness Entrepreneur | Holistic Health Coach

Our Gift To You

We believe in the science of self-care. Prove it to yourself with our step-by-step 30-day program. Self-compassion & mindfulness has now been shown to increase your focus, happiness, immune system, and ultimately - your resilience. Whether it’s adaptogens or self-care, we are here to serve, so that you can better serve yourself.

Meet the Team

Amber Allen

Co-Founder & Head of Sales

Kiki Athanas

Co-Founder & CEO

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The Weekly Adapt.

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