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Adaptogenic herbs so your body

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We're a herbal & functional superfood wellness company specializing in adaptogens & herbal superfood blends for everyday health. We're on a mission to help YOU sleep better, stress less and feel better.

what's an adaptogen?
Adaptogens for energy


Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs that allow our bodies to sustain an adaptive response and minimize some of the harmful effects that a prolonged stress response can cause.

Gummiees for stress
Herbs for ADD

our products

Practitioner-Grade  Herbal Formulations You Can Feel, in Low Waste Packaging.  

we're a little picky.

We mindfully produce from all aspects - we source the highest quality certified organic herbs from farms across the world and work with a small-scale local manufacturer to ensure our products are consciously made to be both safe & effective.



We only use sustainably sourced and responsibly grown Organic Medicinal Herbs from traceable origins around the world. Our herbs are sun grown in their area of origin  and never in a lab.  



Just like us, herbs work better when in community. We create poly-herbal formulas that are intelligently blended with best-in-class herbs and ingredients for optimum effectiveness and  potency.



All of our products are 3rd party tested for chemicals, pesticides, contaminates, heaxanes, excipients, and heavy metals. You can relax knowing our products are tested for safety.



Free from mycelium, grain spawn, "full spectrum mushrooms" or synthetic vitamins. Our products are Vegan, GMO Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non-irradiated and free from hexanes, excipients or mycotoxins.

Never Run Out Again. Skip, Pause or Cancel.

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Adaptogens work to replenish our overworked systems by modulating our bodies hormonal & physiological functions. 

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Best Herbs For Stress

We'll cover what makes herbs adaptogens, the benefits of functional mushrooms & the how, why & when to take them! 


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what our clients say

Best Gummy For Stress

Completely love these delicious gummies in my life- before sleep to ensure a deeper more restful sleep, or even during the day when I’m feeling stressed or off balance! Already hooked on these magic Adapt Daily’s.... I find them the most effective way to soothe, centre and calm my system- noticing the effects after my first week of using them drastically!

- Jessica Oliver

Best Gummy For Stress

I have been taking this product for more than 2 weeks and I can say that the quality of my sleep is much better and I wake up full of energy. A really good way to take daily adaptogens. Highly recommended!

- David Rolando Valdes Gonzalez

Best Gummy For Stress

I have always felt tired during the day and couldn't rest well during the night. My first week of taking adaptdaily gummies changed my life completely, I am energized during the day and I don't wake up at night and feel rested in the morning. I can't live without these gummies.

- Andrea Romero

our founders

Amber & Kiki are democratizing wellness. They make complex plant medicine easy and accessible for everyone. They ❤️ Plant Medicine in general, but they are both especially fond of Adaptogens. These special herbs help nourish your adrenals & your endocrine system, they help to calm down your central nervous system, and help to revitalize your mind & restore mental clarity. They do this all while gently and safely supporting your whole body. So excuse them if they come off as OBSESSED, they're just excited to help you adapt, on the daily.

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Amber Allen

Nutritionist & Herbalist

Kiki Athanas

CEO & Wellness Coach

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