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The Adaptogen Alchemist: Crafting Your Custom Blend



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Own Blend

Experience our DIY Herbal Adaptogen Blend Bar Online. Choose a base, pick an adaptogen, add supporting herbs, name your blend, and we'll handle the rest, delivering your unique blend straight to your door.


Just For You

Our herbalists can make

 personalized tinctures, teas, powders, and honey using adaptogens and superfoods. Book a free 15-minute consultation via Zoom, email, or phone for your tailored recommendations.

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Shop our collection of popular and  best-selling ready made adaptogen teas, elixirs, honeys, tinctures, and powders, effortlessly shipped right to your front door.

Bulk Adaptogens

& Superfoods

Explore organic bulk adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods, ideal for smoothies, baking, DIY products, and overall health enhancement.

1. Pick your Adaptogen.

You can also take our quiz or talk with a herbalist online or by phone to find your perfect adaptogen blend.

2. Decide how you want to take it.

Choose it as a tea, tincture, powder or in a honey (or try a few ways.)

3. Order it.

 Then sit back and relax, and we'll ship it straight to your doorstep.

Pick Your Adaptogen Blend

Adaptogen Tinctures

Discover our carefully chosen single herb tinctures and extensive range of skillfully crafted blends - there's a choice for everyone. Our potent, user-friendly tinctures are ideal for busy individuals seeking an effortless health boost.

Ideal For

• On Tongue

• Beverages

Adaptogen Powders

Upgrade your daily habits with nourishing adaptogen powders. Perfect for blending into drinks for a nutrient-rich smoothie or superfood latte. Or use adaptogen powders in baking and other culinary creations for a tasty, wholesome meal addition.

Ideal For

• Smoothies

• Beverages

Adaptogen Teas

Adaptogen tea blends, crafted to bring balance, vitality, and resilience to your daily life. Each blend is carefully formulated with potent, all-natural ingredients to support your body's natural ability to adapt to stress.

Ideal For

• Decoctions

• Infusions

Our Products

Adaptogens: Soothe, Energize, Balance

Healing the planet is just as important as healing ourselves.

We prioritize the environment alongside your well-being. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality herbal supplements while prioritizing environmental stewardship.

Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients.

We use organic or wildcrafted herbs that are sun grown (never in a lab) and grown in their natural area of origin, free of pesticides & chemicals.

Compostable or

Reusable Packaging.

We use 100% backyard compostable bags, compostable labels from sugar cane or wood pulp & reusable glass or tin containers.

Grown Sustainably & Fairly-Traded.

Our ingredients & herbs are sustainably sourced, and responsibly grown, and from small scale farmers, with traceable origins .

Free From Fillers, Grain Spawn & GMO's.

Our ingredients and herbs are third-party tested for purity, heavy metals and are free from mycotoxins, and synthetic vitamins. No mycelium.

Adaptogen of

the Month - Box

Adaptogen Sampler Box

Dive into the magical realm of adaptogens where each month offers a new botanical adventure!

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What's Included

  • 4oz glass jar of powdered Holy basil

  • 50g Bag of dried Holy basil for tea

  • 50ml Tincture Holy basil 

  • 250ml Holy basil in honey

  • Plant Card

  • Adaptogen Zine

This Month's Plant

Adaptogen Zine

Included is a 35-page Adaptogen Zine on Holy Basil, which provides an in-depth introduction to the plant, its materia medica, modern medicinal uses, medicinal preparation, food recipes and its rich history.

Learn How To Use This Amazing Herb

Holy Basil

Ocimum sanctum

Explore A New Adaptogen Every Month

Adapt to Modern Stresses

Adapt & Thrive with Adaptogens, Nutrition & Holistic Healing

In Plants We Trust

Boost Your Wellbeing with Adaptogens.

Caution: May lead to enhanced vitality, peaceful slumbers, harmonious equilibrium, and pure bliss!

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