Why you need to care about your sleep

We’ve all heard it a billion times: “Sleep is so important”! And hence, we try our best to prioritize going to bed earlier, so we can wake up feeling refreshed. Not to mention: who doesn’t love that weird yet awesome sense of accomplishment when you get up feeling energized and totally ready to take on the day ahead!

But of course - life sometimes gets in the way. There’s that project, that party, or that binge-worthy Netflix show. Sleep takes a backseat. “We’ll catch up later in the week - or on the weekend,” we think to ourselves.

Or for some (or several) of us, even if we prioritize doing all the right things: setting boundaries on our never-ending to-do list, and getting ourselves in bed at a decent time - regardless of life’s circumstances, it’s still a challenge. We lay in bed feeling tired & wired. And even when we do fall asleep, we wake up only a few hours later. Feeling frustrated, irritated or worse - that depressing sense of hopelessness.

For myself, I’ve found it interestingly helpful to understand more about the deeper context behind WHY sleep is so important.

Once that’s better understood, it’s generally:

  • Easier to prioritize and be motivated to make time for.

  • Simpler to “do it right”.

We’ll dive into all the recommended sleep hacks & healthy sleep hygiene rituals in another post. Here, I solely want to share with you the core essence behind sleep, and what it’s truly doing for you (not to you!).

“Sleep is critical for waking cognition—that is, for the ability to think clearly, to be vigila