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What's Not Well in Wellness (& How To Protect Yourself from Health-Washing + Diet Culture).

You may be surprised to learn that our very own Co-Founder, Kiki, coming from a background as being a well-known "wellness influencer" in Toronto and media representative for various health companies, actually has a...complicated relationship to "wellness".

After years of studying & working in the health industry, her perspective on health & wellness has shifted greatly - and here's why...

Diets Are Interference To The Natural Communication Signals Within The Body

Keto, paleo, vegan, intermittent fasting, sure - Kiki has tried it all! Being on the founding team of a meal planning platform, Meal Garden, Kiki is certainly well-versed on therapeutic meal plans & various nutrition protocols that dieticians and naturopathic medicine doctors use in an effort to heal patients health concerns. She herself used to work as a health coach with clients who came to her looking to resolve certain gut issues & re-stabilize to their healthiest weight. Unfortunately, diets were never the answer - at least in the longterm. After struggling with disordered eating herself (binging & restricting...and repeat) - Kiki figured there had to be a better way to approach "healthy eating".

See, restricting yourself to whatever "nutrition plan" (or "lifestyle" as they are now referred to as) ultimately puts your body + mind into a state of deprivation. It takes away your greatest gift and power of all: total CHOICE! Needing to eat certain things and not others - or eat at certain times and not others, is downright stressful (no matter how much you try to convince yourself - or others - that you LOVE your new diet!).

Thinking Is For The Head, Feeling Is For The Body

Which led to Kiki's second realization: your stomach can get "full", but your head simply cannot. Hence, her obsession with THINKING about eating (or not eating) was taking over her life - and she was witnessing the same thing in her clients & almost everyone else in the "wellness world"!

This led to a surrendering of what the body wants - moment-to-moment. Kiki immersed herself in the new science of multiple Brain Integration Technique (often referred to as mBIT) to relearn the innate boundaries of the body, and how to tap into the synchronicity of the 3 brains: head, heart, & gut.

Through a structured recording method that allowed her to truly understand & honour the FEELINGS in her body - such as hunger, taste & satiation, she realized something totally crazy: there is no need to THINK about what to eat. Instead, letting your body be the intuitive guide actually resolved her stress-eating, IBS, and allowed her to return to her health weight without ever "dieting" or "restricting" to get there!

Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

Today, Kiki teaches this exact process to women currently suffering with "food stuff". Whether it be over-eating, under-eating, and every problematic thought or obsession in-between. The result is her clients finally grasping that true sense of freedom. Freedom in how they nourish themselves (with ease & grace), freedom in how they look & feel (enjoyment of their physical bodies!), and ultimately: freedom in life.

Health & wellness is still just as important as it's always been to Kiki, but from an entirely different energy and approach. Her love of supportive, adaptogenic herbs also remains a valuable tool in her toolkit of guiding clients back to REAL health & happiness.

A gentle reminder she often shares with clients is the mantra: I don't have to be perfect, I only have to be me!

Want to learn more about Kiki & her signature method to mastering intuitive eating? She's releasing a free online class which you can sign-up to here.