What Emotion has the Highest Frequency?

If you've ever felt a bit "stuck" in a negative mindset, or simply desire to live a slightest "happier" life - I have a little tool for you. It's something I learned from Abraham Hicks in the book “Ask and It Is Given,” and it's a scale of our feelings and emotions, in sequence from our highest vibrational feelings to our lowest. It is broken down into 22 of the most common emotions and known as the Emotional Guidance Scale.

Ultimately, it's a great tool for visualizing your emotions and where you sit roughly in the total spectrum. Simply knowing "where you stand" (or rather, where you FEEL), can be the first step in figuring out if you'd like to move on up - i.e. "raise your vibration". Why would we want to do that? Well, above and beyond the seemingly obvious reasons of "feeling good tends to feel good" - higher frequency states can actually bring in more positive things/people/experiences to our life.

See, according to The Law of Attraction: like attracts like. We attract what we emit, all the time, every day. Since we have this power to CHOOSE how we'd like to live our lives, we can choose to resonate at a lower vibration (think: negative thoughts or emotions), & hence attract struggle, lack, and hardship into our field of existence.

On the flip side, when we consistently transmit high, clear, and positive frequencies, we create a life of inspiration, opportunity, and expansion. We experience harmony, flow, and a sense of Divine Grace within our lives.

Enlightenment has the highest frequency of 700+ and the greatest expansion of energy - but we don't need to be enlightened beings all (or any!) of the time to still find peace & harmony in our lives. Simply notice where you're at, and make a choice to move upwards on the scale. Maybe that's simply a shift from being content to feeling hopefulness. Commit to acknowledging where you're at at all times throughout your existence, so that you can allow yourself the space & consciousness to decide if you'd like to heighten your vibration and the frequency of your emotions - and your life!