Using Pilates to Relieve Stress

A guest post by @maddycassidypilates

As stress builds up, it can often manifest physically in the body. When you feel your body taking on the weight of that emotional stress, there are ways to relieve it!

Pilates is a system designed to bring better balance, strength and flexibility to your body. It can be performed at home on a mat, and while you will notice physical changes like a stronger core, better posture and long lean muscles, one of the main principles of Pilates is using breath to create a stronger connection to your mind and your body.

Here is a quick Pilates circuit focused on using breath to relieve tension in the body. Use large, diaphragmatic breaths as you move through this series. Aim to release all the stale air out of your body as you exhale, and expand the ribs as much as possible as you inhale.






*Check out our stories on IG for a video breakdown of the sequence! @adaptdaily.gummies*

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