Upgrade Your Food with Adaptogens: Our Fave Recipes Round-Up

Need ideas on how to start adding adaptogenic herbs into your routine? Need them to be delicious? Don't worry boo - we gotchu!

Here are top 5 recipe picks of the week which prove that making your meals & bevies "medicinal" is as easy as pie...actually, that's another good idea. #AdaptogenicPie

1. Adaptogenic Matcha

by @hannamariyellowmood

2. Adaptogenic Pasta Sauce

by @upbeetandkaleingit

3. Adaptogenic Pancakes

by @eatsandbeatsdc

4. Adaptogenic Brownies

by @grrr_emily

5. Adaptogenic Bulletproof Coffee (or rather...Reishi Rooibos Latte!)

by @katehorsmanhealth

What are some of your favourite ways to add a dash of adaptogenic goodness to your daily routine? Share with hashtag #AdaptDaily for a chance to be featured!

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