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What if you were completely honest with yourself and others? What if every word out of your mouth was the exact thoughts that passed through your mind? Unfiltered, unjudged and unchanged?

How would that impact your life?

It’s a question that has had serious impact on my level of consciousness. And I believe it is the doorway to true manifestation.

All day long we are editing our thoughts or feelings when we speak or respond in conversation. We try not to displease others with the little voice inside of you that speaks the truth. Where did we learn to keep that voice locked up within us? Was it when your Mom said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? When your Dad reacted badly to a vulnerable feeling you shared? Was it perhaps learned by listening to the speech of others, the ones that project their internal experiences on external issues?

Wherever you learned it, the result is the same: You learned to edit yourself to make other’s happy. You learned not to express your fears to your boss when they assigned a huge workload on you. You learned to ignore the anger you felt at your parents for not truly listening to your concerns. You learned to suppress the shame you felt when a teacher pointed out your shortcomings in front of the class. By using this self-repressing behaviour, in an effort to make others happy, we have made ourselves unhappy.

Taking the risk to be vulnerable with your boss, lover or parents with your true thoughts and feelings can open you to getting what you really want. We think that by suppressing our true thoughts, that we are making our companions in life happier. But it is not true. What makes others happy is seeing true vulnerability in you. Because it speaks to and reflects the true vulnerability in them.

By embracing your true self, the universe works to appease that fear, or anger, or shame. Other’s start to recognize and hold your feelings as true. Then, they start to rearrange the world for you. You tell your boss that your feeling overwhelmed and they ease your workload or extend your deadline. You tell your lover that their careless comment hurt your feelings and they apologize and share a vulnerability they have with you. You explain to your friends that it is embarrassing when they pick on you in front of others and they stop behaving in hurtful ways.

Suddenly anything that you’ve ever felt, and thought can be validated and heard. Your clear and direct and the universe moves around you to fulfill your true desires. It is scary to be vulnerable with others, but the rewards are more than worth it.

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