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Kiki Shares: The Story (& Inspiration) Behind the Brand

Wellness matters, but how it fits into our everyday lives can seem like a never-ending challenge.

Because not everyone has the time to juice 2 hearts of celery...everyday.

I’ve made it my mission to condense what you need to know, have, & do - so that’s it’s less of a challenge and more of a fun, enjoyable (& dare I say delicious) OPPORTUNITY.

Over the last several years, I’ve been aligning myself with some of the leading minds in health and wellness, as well as furthering my education in the field. All, quite frankly, to look and feel the BEST EVER - from the inside & out! 

For those of you who’ve been apart of my journey with Mindfully Exponential // ME By Kiki, you’re already familiar with the type of progressive wellness information I am passionate about - from next-level nutrition and biohacks, to green & clean skincare that actually works, and all that ‘woo woo’ spiritual stuff that’s worth diving into - soul first!

Amongst all the juicy takeaways, there’s been something extra special that stands out above and beyond the rest.

Actually, it elevates all that other stuff up to the next level.



Hey - I get it, not everyone has time to make 17-ingredient mid-day elixirs or can be bothered to try chakra balancing with crystals. But here’s the deal: some of it works, and none of it needs to be complicated or insanely expensive (regardless of how it appears on Instagram!). I’m just a regular girl, trying my best to lead a successful and prosperous life - all whilst trying to fit in gym, tan, laundry, ya know?! 

Here’s where things get juicy: I’ve discovered that there’s a certain kind of natural herbs, healing modalities, and a few other wellness and mindfulness “fads” genuinely worth using in order to live your BEST EVER life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reaping some of this goodness through my blog interviews, recipes, and personal insights for a super-charged healthy lifestyle. I’ve come across some seriously stellar brands, products, and regimes that have rocked my world - and I really enjoy hearing about how they’re rocking yours too ;)


Taking the entrepreneurial leap of faith, I’ve made the crazy decision to launch my very own brand and business in order to curate what I’ve learned about optimizing my own wellness into BEST EVER products. 

We’ve all got loads on our plate, and our busy lifestyles can feel totally impossible to balance at times (or all the time…).

There’s GOT to be something, somehow, to be less stressed. I’m talking about being stoked to jump out of bed each morning, focused while hitting the books (or computer), energized all the way through a killer workout (and feel pain-free afterwards), and ready to fall into a deep restorative sleep at night.

Repeat after me: “It’s time I take care of ME.

Goodbye hard-knock supplement life, hello juicy herbal gummies!

My mission is - and always will be - to make taking care of yourself as easy, efficient, and enjoyable as possible, all whilst taking advantage of the extraordinary powers of natural plant medicine. 

While “Kiki Naturals” might be a new name, it’s been a long-time in the making, and I’m so excited to finally share the fruits of this journey - starting in best ever gummy form!