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The Secret To “Healthy” Eating

There is no secret. Except, I will use this article as an opportunity to explain why that is the truth that I have come to accept. I invite you to accept it too, so that you can overcome the never-ending, always-changing rules and regulations around how you should or should not nourish yourself.

See, the truth is: you know best.

What you need to learn is how to unlearn everything. We were all born with perfect instincts and intuition around food and how to nourish ourselves - just try feeding a baby when it’s not hungry. Impossible!

Yet, many of us struggle with periods of binging or overeating, and we feel as if we’ve “fallen off the bandwagon” and need to “get back on track”. It’s as if more rules and regulations will keep us safe, healthier, and more sane - more in control. I’ve come to experience for myself (and further confirmed by my clients) that nothing could be further from the truth.

What’s the harm in letting go of all the restrictions around “bad” food in “wrong” portions at “ineffective” times? We fear we’ll spiral totally out of control. If we don’t have boundaries - we’ll eat all the wrong things, in all the wrong (hefty) amounts, all the time.

On the contrary, when we are deeply in touch with our bodily wisdom - and the communication between our head, heart, and gut - we make the very best choices for how to nourish ourselves. We tap into our innate intelligence and wisdom and choose the foods that we need to properly replenish and refuel. We know when to start, and also: when to stop.

It’s about listening to and loving ourselves, rather than “taking charge” or forcing ourselves to “get back on track”. If you don’t believe this is true for you, trust that it’s not a matter of learning something new - but rather unlearning all of the mixed messages and overwhelming diet culture propaganda that ultimately took away your right to CHOOSE. When we forbid ourselves how to CHOOSE what, when, and how much we eat - we are in no place of making good choices. Instead, we ignore our bodies for the latest and greatest science-based (or worse) diet regime.

What I want for you is to tap into the wisdom of your body, because when we are in a state of listening, and allowing ourselves unobstructed communication between our head, heart, and gut brains - there is no chance of failure. No chance of gaining extra storage (aka “fat”) or becoming too thin. Trust and respect for ourselves is a no-fail approach to “healthy eating” - whatever that might look like for YOU in the MOMENT.

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