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Surprise: New Sizes & Elevated Packaging!

You asked. We listened...and we've packaged it up just as requested!

We've got to admit it: many of our repeat-customers & loyal subscribers actually started taking the gummies on a trial basis. Either they snagged a few samples at a show or event, or were gifted a week or two by friends and family of the company. The result? Most people (especially those suffering with sleep & anxiety issues) notice a profound difference in their quality of life within 3-5 days of taking the gummies consistently - and come back for MORE!

But...committing to a full 30-day supply right upfront can feel a bit daunting, right?!

So we made it easy for you - well, for future you's, and for YOU to gift to your friends! It's now never been easier to get your loved ones on the adaptogen gummy bandwagon: 2-week "mini" jars are now available.

Oh, and another juicy update? All orders made on our site come packaged with utmost care, in beautiful white premium recyclable boxes, with eco-friendly crinkle paper, and stickers with one of our all-time favourite (in-house!) mantras: REST IS COOL!

We appreciate our customers so much, that we want to make receiving and opening our boxes a treat in and of itself! As stickers state (ps love you StickerCanada!): Rest Starts Inside.

Oh, and for you long-time, already-drinking-the-Kool-Aid-die-hard-fans, don't worry, we've got a sweet deal for you too! We've JUST launch our new premium, 3-month bags, which come in compostable bags made of recycled ocean plastics - so they're as good for the earth (carbon negative) as they are for your adrenals! It all comes at a steal, for $124.99 for a full 3-months (that's a bulk bag of 270 gummies, ah!).

And for everyone else...there's Amazon ;)