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Red Reishi and Your Liver

Your liver is your largest internal organ and performs over 500 different types of functions. Not only does your liver help with the metabolism of food but also for the storage of vitamins and minerals and in controlling blood sugar and hormones.

If that wasn’t enough, the liver also manufactures proteins and fats and produces bile to help you with digestion and detoxification. Every damn day. So to thank it, you might want to put down the beer and fatty foods once in awhile. Or better yet, do that AND treat it to the power of the Red Reishi mushroom. Here’s why.

Red Reishi helps to nurture and detoxify the liver, especially in helping with the removal of heavy metals. Reishi is also loaded with triterpenoids and polysaccharides which are peptides found to help mild fatty liver conditions return to normal. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it has also been shown to increase the body’s glutathione content. Glutathione is powerful and has often been called the “master antioxidant” for good reason. It does many things, but glutathione plays an incredibly integral part in the detoxification system of the liver.

Regularly using reishi could reduce some of the abuse our liver takes, by reducing liver enzymes and boosting the liver’s antioxidant status. Reishi can also increase resistance to viruses, bacteria and certain funguses and toxins, helping our liver with some of the burden.

Reishi is a powerful adaptogen with the proven ability to strengthen and prevent chemical damage to the liver (among other things.) This herb, sometimes coined, “the mushroom of immortality” was once only reserved for nobility because of its rarity and potent abilities and should be incorporated into your wellness plan. Your liver will thank you.

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