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Not a Typical Article on Immunity

Albert Einstein is believed to have once said, "I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the Universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.”

I believe that the Universe is a friendly, loving place, full of goodness and light. I know there are times that it doesn’t seem like it, and there have been many dark hours in humanity that seem to prove otherwise. Sometimes It’s hard not to focus and fixate on that. However, it is even in these dark moments that I have often seen the most kindness, community and beauty. We just have to learn to look.

When I started writing this (a blog that was supposed to be on immunity), I had been on hold for hours with Air Canada trying to reroute my trip back home, as while I was travelling, my government issued a warning not to travel internationally because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The TV was on in the background and the news anchor was talking of how my fellow countrymen were reacting to the news of a potential dangerous outbreak to our community.

The news anchor was telling the story of how people were buying and stockpiling toilet paper (of all things) for themselves. Buying in mass so they had more, without care that others might need some too. She also told the story of how a couple were found to be buying all the antibacterial wipes at local stores so that they could sell it back to people who needed it... at an inflated price. In that moment, I questioned humanity and my heart was filled with an incredible sadness but also a feeling of real hopelessness and stress.

Then after four hours of being on hold, I became disconnected with the agent before I could rebook my flight home. It felt like things were going from bad to worse. The only other options I had were to go to the airport and talk to someone in person or go online and pay for another flight home. I checked the flight price and then I went online to check my bank balance. It was in this moment that I started to feel hope again.

When I went online to check my balance at Scotiabank, a message came up on my computer screen that actually brought tears to my eyes. Very simply, the people at this bank did their part to soothe the fears and stresses of their clients with a caring message. All it really said was, if you need us, we are here and that your well being is important to us. In an instant, my faith in love and people were restored.

I decided to go to the airport to talk in person to an agent there. While I was on my way to the airport I heard on the radio that in Italy, where most of that country at this time is in a mandatory lockdown, people were standing on their balconies playing beautiful music together. People were coming together (with appropriate social distancing) to help each other. Again, I was able to see the beauty in people.

Mr. Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.” I believe this to be true and it was wonderful to be able to see this.

At the airport, the only people there were staff and people like us. People trying to cancel flights or rebook themselves on planes to get home as fast as they could. Since there are so many of us, they tell a few of us to use special phones (located at the end of the terminal) that will connect us directly to an airline personnel. This feels like a relief.

Once there, we pick up the phone and sterilize it with our hand sanitizer spray - it is a communal phone! I can see others look at me as they realize they should be sanitizing the phone as well, but they had not thought to bring a sanitizer. It is in this moment I realize that I can be a Helper too. As my partner adjusted our flights on the phone, I helped sanitize other peoples phones & hands and managed to have some of the most meaningful and wonderful conversations at the same time.

We are in the midst of an outbreak of an infectious virus. A virus that could potentially hurt some people. Obviously, we must do things to boost our immune system (drink Chaga and Reishi, take Olive Leaf Extract and maybe Astragalus too.) We need to get good quality sleep and practice good hygiene. But we must also protect ourselves from allowing any virus from affecting our minds. We must always share, not hoard.

Now is the time to react as a community, to take little steps to care for ourselves and others as best we can. Whenever we feel helpless, we must do two things; look for and bless the Helpers in the world and also decide that we can become a Helper too. How could you help others?