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Multidirectional Sleep Gummies

Sleep gummies are all the rage right now. And it’s no surprise - sleep gummies are becoming increasingly popular to relieve insomnia, as almost 40% of North Americans say they struggle with sleep. Furthermore, the demand for sleep gummies is expected to increase as more people have insomnia due to higher stress levels and better access to such products.

But are these products safe, effective, or even worth it?

Here at AdaptDaily, we’re not big fans of artificial supplements - we’re less about “hacking” our systems and playing doctor, but rather we prefer to work with plant intelligence in a food grade form. Hence, why we love food grade herbs such as adaptogens. They are “food grade” because you can take them daily and consistently without any adverse effects.

On the contrary, typical sleep gummies can cause drowsiness or lightheadedness - especially if too many gummies are consumed (or too often), which can lead to sleeping for hours on end and skipping important events. Another common side effect of pharmaceutical sleep gummies is that they may become addictive due to the calming effect on the user, including a euphoric feeling from the melatonin found in many of these products.

Luckily, there are certain multidirectional ingredients found in nature that help our bodies sync up to our natural sleep cycles - ultimately helping us to function in a way that’s more conducive to the natural circadian rhythm that humans evolved with. These ingredients are, you guessed it: adaptogens!

While we have several clients who rely on our RESTORE gummies as “sleep gummies” - they are more so “balance gummies” because of the way that they work on our regulatory internal systems (and no, they won’t “knock you out” like other sleep gummies).

“The value of a great deep sleep I get from using these gummies is enormous. Feeling rested and focused, with a steady supply of energy and a good to great mood the next day. I take them a half hour before bed time as well as turn off screens. I use them as needed but feel and sleep best using them at least 4 times a month over the last year. I love the taste, my wife does not, but both of us get a refreshing sleep from using them.”
  • Shane Walsh

Adaptogens work by calming your body’s stress response system - otherwise known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), making you more resilient to physical, chemical, and psychological stress. They also have a multi-directional effect on hormones, which means that if you're producing too much of a hormone, they decrease production, and if you’re not producing enough - they’ll bump it up.

This multidirectional effect is precisely why the RESTORE blend of gummies works as both a sleep gummy for some - and an energy gummy for others. If you are feeling tired but wired, they’ll help to calm you down so that you can fall into a deep & restful sleep. On the other hand, if you’re sluggish and low-energy, they will slowly but surely (over a period of weeks) help your body return to your innate circadian rhythm, allowing you to feel rested and refreshed upon rising - rather than forcing yourself out of bed.

While their actions are certainly complex, we believe in letting plant intelligence lead the way - and not interfering with the chemical compounds of your body (unless of course you are working closely with a medical professional!). Trading in your typical sleep gummies for something more gentle but equally effective and even more so sustainable & nourishing over the long run is now easier than ever with AdaptDaily. We appreciate your trust & faith in the power of herbs!