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Transition Through Life with More Ease and Flow…

Dr. Sindy Shin, ND helps busy mothers who are stressed out, exhausted and overwhelmed with trying to balance it all, and who want to feel calm, connected and confident for whatever comes their way. But, at the heart of what she does, is help modern moms to embrace self-care, reconnect with themselves and thrive in motherhood and beyond with vitality, power and grace!

Since Sindy is an expert in women’s health and has loads of experience in stress management, I wanted to get her take on adaptogens…

“In my 10+ years of practice, adaptogens have been one of the most beautiful and effective ways to help rejuvenate and restore wellbeing for the women I work with.

I would describe it like branches of a tree swaying in the wind, we are pushed in pulled in different directions, influenced by the environment and stressors around us all the time. But, in it all, we are rooted in the centre by a firm and steady foundation. Adaptogens are amazing medicinal plants that are like these branches, that help you transition through the changes of life with more ease and flow, as they assist with your body's response to stress, and help you come back to your centre feeling supported and restored.”

There are 3 top adaptogens that Sindy often uses because of their calming, soothing and nourishing effects:

Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera), Reishi mushroom and Holy Basil.

Ashwagandha is especially helpful as a gentle support when you are feeling "tired and wired", anxious or suffer from muscle tension due to stress.

Reishi is one that I often turn to during the cold and flu season, or if you are getting sick often and feeling overwhelmed.

Holy Basil is a herb I love for when mental and emotional stress are wearing you down. I often suggest the women I work with to have this handy during the day, at their work place or at home, to help lift moods, support mental clarity and calm anxiety.

“It's so hard to pick an all-time favourite adaptogen because of their unique strengths in assisting with different needs of each person. This is why I appreciate so much the art behind customizing care for your specific needs, in all the ups and downs of life. But, if I had to pick favourites, I would be a tie between Ashwaganda and Holy Basil.

Ashwagandha for its stress soothing effects and Holy Basil for its uplifting and revitalizing effects. Both of which, I use personally to help nurture my mind and body in all the beauty and chaos of having two young boys, a home and business to care for."

"I like Holy Basil as a tea to sit and enjoy, so it acts as both a midday tonic and a chance for me to rest and reset during the day.”

I’m also a huge fan of both herbs! I add ashwagandha to my daily smoothie (whether its a frozen smoothie bowl or my winter rendition…a porridge-style “hot smoothie bowl” - trust me, it’s a thing!) and always enjoy the naturally sweet floral taste of a tulsi tea - whether it’s as a mid-day pick-me-up or as a soothing tonic at bedtime.

Huge thanks to Dr. Sindy Shin for sharing her insights into the amazing world of adaptogens - if you’d like to learn more about her offerings or connect with her directly, feel free to check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

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