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Manifesting What You Truly Desire

You may be familiar with the concept of a breakdown before a breakthrough. If you're currently in a state of transition, it could feel highly uncomfortable. Many of us are going through a state of shock, with so many new changes in our lives - it can feel overwhelming, and as if it's impossible to know all of "right" answers as to how to proceed. While this period of change has been no joke - it's also brought about a sense of possibility, newfound clarity, and perhaps the "breakdown before a breakthrough".

Awareness will be (as always) key. The work is continuously letting go of attachment. Things aren't - and may never be - as they were. The sooner you accept exactly what is for exactly what it is, the sooner (& easier) you'll be able to get to where you want to go.

And that brings me to the most important point: you absolutely cannot manifest from lack. You'll only produce more lack. Manifesting your deepest desires starts with tuning yourself into the universal laws & universal truth. A great place to start is asking yourself the right questions - empowering ones.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • What’s good about this situation?

  • How can I turn this into a blessing?

  • What am I learning right now?

  • What’s my intuition telling me?

  • What is the most loving thing I could do for myself right now?

As we begin to navigate into what feels like the 'next chapter' of our lives, I invite you to enter it with a spirit of positive yet genuine curiosity. May you remember that if you lack abundance, abundance is simply your blindspot.

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