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How to Take Adaptogens: Recipes for Success

Looking to incorporate adaptogenic herbs into your health regime, but confused as to how exactly to go about it? This article will break-down the different forms in which you can consume adaptogens and easy strategies that you can use to implement these healing herbs into your lifestyle with minimal effort and maximize effectiveness!

First things first, it’s important to realize that there are several methods of consumption which you can choose from. Adaptogens come in the form of:

  • Liquid extracts (“tinctures”) either in glycerin or alcohol

  • Teas

  • Capsules

  • Powders and powdered extracts

It’s generally understood that liquid extracts tend to be the most “potent” form and are recommended for optimal medicinal use - especially if you’re just getting started and want the fastest and strongest possible results. For instance, many practitioners will suggest you start using an herb or herbal blend as a tincture for the first 3-4 weeks, and then you can transition over to a capsule form - the reason usually being that tinctures can get pricey as they don’t last very long, whereas capsule varieties tend to last at least twice as long and hence become more economical in the long-run.

Teas are arguably the most traditional way of consuming these ancient herbs, and can be just as effective as long as they are steeped and consumed in the right strength and frequency. Again, it will all really depend on which herb(s) you’re working with and why, but often times a 20-min decoction 2-4 times per day is recommended across various protocols. Of course, this certainly takes a bit of time and commitment, so unless you’re totally devoted to carving out the time to stick to a regime like this, we suggest opting for other avenues to get your daily dose of adaptogenic herbs in, and instead to drink teas as a complement to this - as you fancy them! (A warm tulsi tea with a touch of honey is never a bad idea!).

For the on-the-go time-pressed citizen of humanity today, capsules seem to be the most preferred option. While you may need to take several units in order to get an effective daily dose, they are a relatively easy way to implement these herbs into your daily life without much added prep or planning required.

With that said, getting creative with adaptogen powders and powdered extracts is easier (and more delicious) than you might be thinking! Especially if you’re prone to avoid capsules because you feel like that’s too “medicinal” for your vibe, working herbs into your food & beverages can be a fun approach to work with these plants and make them a part of your daily rituals. While throwing just about any adaptogenic powder into an already delicious smoothie is basically fool-proof, we like to inspire folks to get even more creative with their adaptogen infusion festivities and encourage herbal main dishes. Need some inspo? Download our free Adaptogenic Recipe E-Book here.

Remember that adaptogens take at least a few weeks to really “notice” the benefits from as they take a little while to build up in your system and start doing their magic balancing work in the body. Try to be consistent in consuming your herbs daily for a month or two straight and we guarantee that you’ll be hooked on the benefits for a long time coming!

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