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How To Better Deal With Stress

We have all heard that stress isn’t good for us and if left unchecked it can kill (yikes). Yet there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer on how to actually destress yourself when you find yourself in the middle of a crisis. For instance, some of the suggestions sound great in theory but are not that easy to put into practice when you are freaking out.

For example, some experts say you should exercise if you are having trouble coping or feeling overwhelmed. But when I am stressed, I feel like sleeping, not busting out runners or shake weights. I’ve even heard a suggestion to light a candle to calm down, but seriously. Another recommendation is to meditate, which again, sounds great, but most people I know struggle trying to learn how to do this when they're freaking out.

It’s not that these suggestions are bad advice, there’s just too many steps involved to get me there when I am in crisis mode - which I find stressful.

In my humble opinion, if you want to destress, you first have to build up your resilience to stress. Then you have to practice letting whatever you are stressed about go. Like giving up total control of situations that you can’t change and learning to “go with the flow.” Most of the time fighting situations or trying to manipulate or change what is - is what actually contributes to stress.

Here is the reality, stress isn’t going to go away; in fact, it’s probably going to get worse. There are always going to be challenges and tribulations that come up, especially as we age - it’s life. However, if we can learn ways and do things to increase our resistance to stress, then when stress strikes, we can ride it out.

So how do you increase your resistance to stress? First, learn to meditate. I know this sounds confusing, because I literally just pooh-pood it in the paragraph above. So to clarify, learn to meditate BEFORE things get hairy and make it your daily, non-negotiable practice. This way, when stress strikes, you can get into a meditative state easily as it’s become your second nature.

Secondly, take science-backed adaptogenic herbs everyday that have been proven to work for stress; like ashwagandha, holy basil, reishi etc. The great thing about these herbs is that they are safe for long term use (for most people) with no negative side effects. They are also proven to help increase your resistance to stress naturally.

Thirdly, get into the habit of exercising daily. You don’t have to go balls to the wall. Just pick an activity you actually look forward to doing every day. Also, like your meditation practice, do this BEFORE the real stress strikes - for the same reason listed above.

Life can and will be stressful, instead of trying to stop stress (which won’t work and will make it worse) prepare your body and mind to handle anything that comes it’s way BEFORE and you will be much better off. Or you could just try and light a candle, but seriously….


- Amber

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