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Feeling Run Down? Read This!

We are naturally meant to be happy and joyful people. In a perfect world, when all is good we feel grateful, relaxed and life is enjoyable. We have time to experience and enjoy our lives fully. However, if you are like me and most people I know, you find yourself depleted and worn down from time to time.

This is usually when we reach for vitamins, healthy food and our bed to recharge. While these are all important things to help support our health, sometimes our exhaustion stems from something else, something deeper. It is important when we are feeling this way to do an honest audit on our thoughts and feelings.

We need to ask ourselves if the things we are doing are in alignment with our true beliefs and dreams. We need to take a look to see if we are trying to do too much with too little time. Are we living someone else’s life? Or are there certain people or situations draining our energy.

Once we have looked at what is really depleting us, we can then take proactive steps to make changes or adjustments if needed. If we get in the habit of asking ourselves these questions, we can learn to listen to what our heart really wants.

When we gain clarity in our lives and learn to make space to do what we truly want to do, we are naturally filled with energy, vitality and life source.

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