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Could Earthing Be The New Multi-Vitamin?

I have always known that the universe is set up for our highest good and to support our wellbeing. In my own quest to uncover all the ways I can be healthy, I’ve seen proof of this phenomenon being supported over and over.

For instance, fruits and vegetables that are good for us tend to be brightly coloured and easy to see. Water rains on us and flows for us to drink, and in-turn helps to remineralize our bodies. Trees provide us with fresh, clean oxygen.

Perhaps the most interesting to me right now is how the Earth itself is set up for our wellness. The Earth's surface supports us with an infinite supply of free or mobile electrons. When we physically come into contact with these electrons we are able to support our body, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep as well as our immunity.

It is well proven that electrons from antioxidant molecules reduce oxidation in the body and ultimately help to protect us. It is why we are told to eat foods like kale, blueberries, chaga and oranges. These antioxidants, when ingested, reduce inflammation and improve our lives. It is not as well known however, that connecting our bodies physically to the Earth's surface can do the same thing.

Through the modernization of our world we have unintentionally disconnected ourselves to this incredible source. We used to sleep on the ground, walk barefoot or with leather soled shoes. As we have evolved and become more civilized, we have also become ever more disconnected to this healing power. We have also seen an increase in inflammation, chronic illness and sleep disturbances.

One way to tap into this power is to reconnect the body back to the Earth through “Earthing” which is also known as grounding. When we practice Earthing we are intentionally bringing our body into contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot, sitting or even sleeping on the ground.

Connecting yourself physically to the Earth’s surface has been proven to be beneficial for the reduction of stress, reduced inflammation, and there is mounting clinical evidence that it can help support the immune system. Put aside 5 minutes a day (minimum), find a patch of earth and reconnect yourself to the infinite supply of wellbeing that has been provided for you; free of charge.

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