Aren't We MEANT To Be "Healthy"?

If we are designed to thrive, we are built to be mobile, and our innate state is health - why do we make it so hard? We fuss and we fight - to achieve something that already just IS.

Kiki here on site from Sayulita, Mexico. In total paradise. It's in time like these that my greatest "a-ha" moments come to me - call it divine intervention, or just enough time away from my phone and the "busy-ness" of day-to-day living.

From my glorious spot parked on a beach-chair, under an umbrella, steps from the sea - I witnessed something incredible. A woman. She was calm, slender, and clearly at peace. I watched her as she slowly but enjoyably picked at her guacamole & tortilla chips (in Mexico, we call them totopos!). I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this beautiful slim woman fully embracing this moment - not excitedly, but calmly & richly. She was a picture.

Her slim frame reminded me of an old truth I now teach with my own clients - it's not WHAT you eat, it's HOW you eat. Eating within the rhythm of your body, and always choosing the foods you love, is key to health & "weight management". It's as simple as that.

Her calm, comfortable, relaxed demeanour had a more powerful shock to my system. It was less of a "Oh, yes, I know that already", and more of a "OMG I want to be like that...I'm MEANT to be like that! I CAN be like that!". See, I'm also guilty of sometimes (most often) rushing about, "accomplishing" this, that & the other, taking care of myself (& now my dog, as well as being a loving and supportive partner to my boyfriend), and then hurrying off to bed so that I can wake up and do it all over again.

How nice would it be to just trust that everything that needs to get done will, and that ultimately, the universe will take care of me. I don't need to worry, hurry or figure out the next best way to "beat the system". The system is already designed to love & support me.

We all know those people...beautiful, calm, composed. Everything just seems to work out for them. They always look good (even though they eat whatever they want...even un-trendy gluten or god-forbid, dairy!), they always somehow score the cool job with the nice office, the apartment in the perfect neighbourhood, and of course - the handsome wealthy man is begging to date them! It's not fair. They don't diet or exercise profusely, they only work on passion projects they enjoy - they don't hustle as hard as we do, they ASSUME they're going to go the best spot in town, and they could take or leave prince charming.

Why yes. It makes perfect sense. See, we are DESIGNED to live life like this. To enjoy our bodies, to enjoy our time, to enjoy our lives. But somewhere along the way we were taught to struggle, push & fight for it. We came to believe that the more we restrict, grind, and suffer through - the more we'd be repaid.

There is nothing further from the truth. I can see living examples of this in myself & those around me. I am happiest & healthiest when I am enjoying life. I am most abundant when I am doing the work that I love. I am the most loved when I choose to love myself first.

It's natural. It's a gift given at birth.

Maybe you needed the reminder too, so I thought I'd share.

Live in your ease & grace. It's the only way you truly know how. Stop pretending to do it any other way, you are just slowing down the goodness that's already on it's way to you. The goodness that is already here.