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Are Adaptogen Gummies Better Than Pills?

We often get asked if herbal gummies are better than taking them in pill or capsule form. This is a hard question to answer because it comes down to a few things that have nothing to do with the actual herbs themselves. It’s more about what ingredients are mixed with the herbs and if the customer actually takes the product regularly to see benefit.

For instance, for a long time there have been limited options when it came to taking herbs of any kind. You basically could take it in pill or capsule form, you could take it in a liquid or syrup or you could eat it straight out of the ground. All have benefits and drawbacks and it really comes down to preference and convenience.

The issue around herbs that are amazing for you is that most are bitter and most taste like YUCK.

So for convenience, at first pills seem like a good option. However, when we swallow pills or capsules we completely bypass the mouth. Digestion starts in the mouth and helps to release the herb's essential constituents. As well, herbs in capsule and pill form can be mixed with stearates (to help with manufacturing) and other ingredients that we might not want. You might also have to take quite a few at a time or at multiple intervals in the day to be effective.

Secondly, Tinctures and syrups are liquid and have a very concentrated taste profile which most of us take while pinching our noses. They work amazingly well, are easily absorbed and are very bioavailable to the body. However, most people find them less convenient and do not look forward to taking them (unless you are like us and kind of like that earthy taste.)

Taking herbs in gummy form is a fairly new way to take supplements. Most people like them because they’re easy and fun to take and so they look forward to taking them. Unfortunately, the problem with most gummies on the market is that to make them taste good, some companies will lower the dose of the herbs. This makes them not as effective or therapeutic. They will then add in sugars, sugar alcohols and “natural” flavouring to mask the herbs.

The truth of the matter is that all forms of taking herbs are helpful, you just have to take them. Sounds simple, but compliance has been the issue with taking herbal remedies for a long time. If it's inconvenient to take, messy or completely terrible tasting, people won’t take the herbs. Herbal gummies are a great option for a lot of reasons. However, if you do take your herbs in gummy form, just make sure they are sugar free, contain no natural or artificial flavouring and you can taste the herbs in them. They should taste like herbs in a gummy form, not like candy.

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