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Are Adaptogens Harmful?

Adaptogens are a specialized group of non-toxic herbs that protect the body from

the impact of stressors - be it physical, chemical, or biological. Adaptogens help assist the body to promote restoration, to balance and also help us better adapt to stresses.

For a herb to actually qualify to be an adaptogen (there’s 9 of them) they must do these three things:

  1. The herb must be non-toxic to the recipient.

  2. The adaptogen must produce a nonspecific response in the body.

  3. Have a normalizing influence on physiology

Basically, adaptogens help us deal better with physical, mental and chemical stresses by improving our resistance to these daily assaults which then helps improve our general well-being.

These wonder herbs have been used safely and respectively for centuries in most cultures around the world. Modern science is now just catching up with what natural healers around the world have instinctively known for millennia.

While adaptogens are used by many nowadays to build strength, increase stamina and to counteract the effects of daily stresses, some wonder about the safety of adaptogens.

Many studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of these powerful plant medicines across a broad spectrum of people. While most people will be able to reap the astounding benefits of taking these herbs, you should always talk to your health care provider before taking them.

It has also been suggested that some people with bleeding disorders, people taking blood-pressure-lowering medication, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking adaptogens (except on the advice of your practitioner.)

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