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Alternate Breathing To Relieve Stress

This is a great breathing technique to help you relax and center yourself. Begin by doing 5 cycles of this breath work and then slowly raise the number to between ten and twenty-five cycles.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Sit in a position that is comfortable and where you can maintain good posture.

  2. Rest the index and second finger of your right hand on your forehead.

  3. Close your right nostril with your thumb.

  4. Inhale slowly and soundlessly through your left nostril.

  5. Close your left nostril with your ring finger and simultaneously open your right nostril by removing your thumb.

  6. Exhale slowly and as long as possible through your right nostril.

  7. Then Inhale again through your right nostril.

  8. Now close your right nostril with your thumb and open your left nostril.

  9. Exhale through your left nostril.

  10. Inhale through your left nostril, beginning the next cycle.

This is also a really good breathing technique for when you are suffering from tension or sinus headaches. 🧡