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Adapting to Change

I think that it is safe to say that the only constant in life is change. For someone like me, change is good. I have always found change to be fun, adventurous and exciting. However, I recently have learned that I am not the norm. For most people, change is hard, stressful and often very painful.

I feel that the longer you are here on the planet, the more flexibility you should have developed to deal with adapting to life's challenges. However, I have noticed that as some people get older they actually become more rigid in their ways and change affects them harder than others. I think living this way can make people less fun to be around AND also they seem to have less fun.

If we can learn to become more flexible in our minds as well as our bodies we can better adapt to change. One of the simplest ways we can do this is to practice a meditation daily when we are feeling there is too much change going on in our lives.

Meditation can help you to develop an internal locus of control that also helps stabilize our internal sense of self and also enhances the ability of our nervous system.

Another way to help us better deal with change is to develop physical adaptability. Moving our bodies purposely with yoga and other calming, gentle exercises increases our physical flexibility. Physical movement creates a connection between our internal awareness and our physiology.

Lastly, using herbs that help to nourish the mind and body can help to increase our ability to handle and adapt better to change. Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, astragalus, red reishi, bacopa and holy basil are all well known to help increase the body's ability to handle stress.

Since our lives are forever changing and developing, it is important to find ways to help ourselves adapt daily and to take care of ourselves. While we can’t stop change from happening (nor should we really want to) we can do things to prepare ourselves to handle these changes with more ease and flexibility.

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