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Accept your Heart

Your heart holds an intelligence center. Just like the mind is an intelligence center, able to parse through matters rationally, so is the heart able to parse through matters emotionally. Our heart is able to tell us when a friend is hiding their anger, or a co-worker is on the verge of crying. Just like how the gut knows instinctively, the heart is able to feel your emotions and pick up cues on other’s feelings.

For heart-based people, this may seem like a “duh-doh” moment. But for many of us, we have been told that we are too sensitive, too emotional and stopped listening to what the heart is trying to tell us. And we have missed out on vital information. We pushed ourselves too hard at work and had a breakdown. We ignored the simmering anger from a lover and lost them.

Just like the mind thinks and the gut drives, it is the heart that feels.

Amazing power can come from using all three intelligence centers, especially the heart. You will recognize why it is hard to focus on work after an emotionally taxing meeting. You will be able to catch and diffuse arguments before they even begin. A heightened awareness of how important relationships are will come into view.

To get into your heart space, do this following exercise:

Sit down somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and let thoughts drift past your mind, without becoming attached to them. Do not try to stop them, but do not become attached to them. Take a few deep breaths. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the ground, holding you steady and secure. Imagine that roots are sprouting from the soles of your feet and travelling down into the core of the earth, tethering and connecting you. Take a few more deep breaths. Now imagine your consciousness, wide and expansive, collecting fully into your heart space. Move your vision to your chest and see with your heart. Feel the expansive space inside your heart center. Take a few deep breaths. And open your eyes.

Try to view the world from your heart space for the rest of the day. You may experience the consuming power that your feelings have over you. It will probably feel overwhelming. It may even feel scary. But do this and find the power that you have lost inside of yourself. Find the truth of your experience and honour it as true, even if it doesn’t seem rational. Find yourself once again.

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