Read This: It's From Our Hearts.

Brands are like babies, they are born as an idea and they grow from love and passion. Its founders are like the parents - full of hope, ideas, projections, dreams and goals. As the brand grows and expands through trial and error, joy and hard times; it slowly emerges into its own being. If a brand can grow with love, purpose and stay in service to its clients, it becomes a body for good and changes with the needs of its clients.

AdaptDaily was created because we wanted to help people feel better and live healthier lives through herbal remedies. Both founders had discovered profound healing using herbs, (adaptogens in particular) and they wanted to share their knowledge and make wellness easy. They focused on adaptogenic herbs because they liked that they were safe, yet effective. Adaptogens are a specialized group of non-toxic herbs that protect the body from the impact of stressors - be it physical, chemical, or biological. What they loved most is that adaptogens weren’t trying to fix a person's “problem” or “ailment,” but instead support the body's own ability to help itself.

As AdaptDaily has grown, it has become increasingly apparent that our clients have come to rely on us for remedies focused around sleep, anxiety and stress issues. We have seen directly the impact our remedies have had on ourselves, our family and friends, and clients. As we evolve over the next year, we intend to create supportive herbal remedies to help with these issues specifically. So while we will continue to be an adaptogen first company, we will also be focusing on supportive herbs and nervines, known to help with these issues. Herbs are the people's medicine and meant for everyone, regardless of age or income status.

While our products & formulas will evolve and change with the seasons of life - as we all do…we wanted to take this moment to clarify our intentions to you. Thank you for your faith in us as we strive to help us all heal, naturally. Be on the lookout for this next chapter (of products!), & ultimately, in our continued commitment to helping you adapt - on the daily!