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Gummies with Purpose

Our daily mission is to inspire you to live out your "best ever" you! The goal is to enrich the lives of people of all ages to indulge in holistic goodies that are healing to themselves, as well as to the world at large. 

We aim to optimize the way you feel through natural, herbal, organic supplements - all whilst making it desirable, easy to understand, and implement in REAL LIFE.

There's also a deeper mission behind our products too, and it has to do with Kiki's brother, who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In fact, her passion for health & wellness is highly inspired by her own brother's challenges. Throughout her journey and efforts to provide him with the holistic care he needs - inclusive of diet and lifestyle - one thing has become clear: his ultimate health and vitality requires much more than what the current government system can offer. In fact, many autistic individuals need further resources and support as it relates to their longterm supports as adults.

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A Bit of Context...

The housing crisis for autistic adults is very real, with more than 12,000 individuals on the waitlist for long-term supported housing in Ontario. For those adults who are housed, there is often poor supports for individualized care of each resident, as well as isolation and lack of community inclusion.



Our Solution

Peter’s House is a non-profit focused on providing a real, loving home for adults living with ASD who require 24/7 care and specialized support. The mission is to provide a holistic and long-term solution for these high-need persons - offering individualized care & support, community inclusion & integration, and affordable private residence. Peter’s House will be located in close proximity to nature within the GTA, and provide a suitable home for 4 permanent residents who are a good fit for the group. 

$1 from every unit sale will go directly into Peter's House.

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