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We're Different.

But in a good way. 😉

Our herbal remedies are different. We source the highest quality ingredients from their natural area of origin, cultivated properly & safely. This creates highly effective, highly targeted products you can take daily.

Why It Matters.

Listen How

A lot of "functional mushroom" products on the market today aren't effective because they don't contain the fruiting body of the mushroom. 

Listen to this informative podcast with a leading expert and find out why AdaptDaily only uses the fruiting body of functional mushrooms.

Read How

There are a lot of things besides ingredients that make a herbal product effective. For instance, how, where and in what the ingredient is grown on matters.   


Secondly, herbal remedies need to be blended with supporting herbs as well as have enough of the ingredients to actually be beneficial.

Watch How

Watch Burnout Recovery Expert Bryan Hardy as he explains his experience with AdaptDaily Restore gummies. 


He talks about how they are different and what he noticed after taking them for two weeks.

Adaptogenic Hacks with Founders Kiki Athanas and Amber Allen

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