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How our partner "ship" works

What It Is

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that allows practitioners to sell our AdaptDaily products without having to purchase a bunch of inventory. Maintaining inventory comes with a lot risks such as value loss, spoilage, excess inventory, or supply shortfall. 


How It Works

We fulfill your orders all-inclusive. You never touch inventory. Simply forward us your customer order details, and we pack it up as if it’s coming straight from YOU! Receive $15 per unit.

Dropship With Adaptdaily

1. Your customer pays you retail for AdaptDaily - $49.99.

2. You forward your order to us and pay the wholesale $35.99 to us.

3. We ship the product directly to your customer for you.

 You keep the  $14.99

This is a great program for nutritionists, dieticians, herbalists, naturopaths and trainers who might not see customers at a physical location or do not want to stock product.


Get Started Dropshipping

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AdaptDaily Dropship
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