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Craft Your Own Personalized Tea Blend

Is this a NEW blend?
Yes, I am creating a NEW blend.
No, I would like to reorder a blend I have already created.*We keep your recipes on file - just give us the tea title name!

Name Your Blend.

Pick An Adaptogen

Ashwagandha (warming + drying + relaxing)
Astragalus (warming + moistening + relaxing)
Eleuthero (warming + relaxing)
Gotu Kola (cooling + warming + moistening + drying + relaxing + tonifying)
Holy Basil (warming + drying + relaxing)
Reishi (warming + moistening + relaxing)
Rhodiola (cooling + drying)
Schisandra Berries (warming + drying + toning)
Shatavari (cooling + moistening)

Pick 3 Supporting Herbs

Supporting herbs assist the primary herb, boosting its effect in herbal formulas.

Next Add 1 Catalyst Herb

A catalyst herb enhances the body's energetic activity and maximizes other herbs' benefits.
Peppermint (cooling + drying + relaxing)
Spearmint (cooling + drying + relaxing)
Fennel (warming + drying + relaxing)
Cinnamon (warming + drying)
Ginger (warming + drying)
Anise (warming + relaxing)
Lavender (cooling + drying + relaxing)
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