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Amber Allen

I am not interested in selling adaptogens because they are trendy. 

I'm here to educate about the power of adaptogenic herbs and show people how to use them effectively in their own life for healing and wellbeing. - Amber 

Who I Am

Amber Adaptogens

Amber Allen is a                                   .


Mother of Plants, Vegan Chef, Medicine Maker, A Modern Herbologist, Digital Marketer for Natural Brands and a

Plant-Based Homemaker.






Coffee + Oat milk.


The Wild Medicine Solution


Vegan Cooking

My Story

I am a nutritionist , personal trainer and herbalist based out of Vancouver, BC. Years ago when I was a young personal trainer, I got into a car accident that left me with chronic injuries. Traditional allopathic care wasn't working and couldn't find a solution for me. I had also been suffering with a generalized anxiety disorder for so long, and both were seriously messing with my quality of life. 


It was a chance suggestion from a colleague that I try a more natural approach to my situation.  This turned me on to plant medicine to reduce my inflammation, anxiety and pain. They worked so well that not only was I able to go back to work, but I actually felt better than before my injuries. It was so profound and I was so thankful, that I promised to dedicate my life to teaching others about herbal medicine.

I currently live in a Tiny House in the forest on Vancouver Island with my dog Chica, where we grow herbs and organic vegetables.

What I'm Into

Amber herbalist


Amber Nutritionist


Best Gummies For Stress


Best Gummy For Stress

Completely love these delicious gummies in my life- before sleep to ensure a deeper more restful sleep, or even during the day when I’m feeling stressed or off balance! Already hooked on these magic Adapt Daily’s.... I find them the most effective way to soothe, centre and calm my system- noticing the effects after my first week of using them drastically!

-Janelle Marpa

Client Reviews

Best Gummy For Stress

These have been my saving grace for having a great sleep. I take 3 dummies every evening after dinner and truly notice a difference in terms of how anxious I am when trying to fall asleep, how deep my sleep is and how often I wake up throughout the night. I also track my sleep score via a Fitbit app and always get a higher sleep score on nights where I've taken my AdaptDaily gummies.

- Daria Betlej

Best Gummy For Stress

AdaptDaily gummies came into my life at the most PERFECT time! Stress + anxiety have been through the roof for me lately and these little cutie patootie gummies have helped big time. I started noticing the difference pretty quickly and I'm so glad they are working for my body. I love love love adaptogens!

- Tina Gravalos

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