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Nurture Health, Nurture the Planet.

We put Earth's well-being as our primary consideration. Each action we take, from curating our ingredients to delivering our products to your doorstep, is carried out with the resolved intent to protect and sustain our ecological balance.

Your source of responsibly-curated, eco-friendly wellness products, packed in sustainable materials, and tested rigorously for purity.

Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients

We believe in the power and purity of nature. Our herbs are organic or wildcrafted, sun-grown under open skies—never in a lab—and sprung up from their natural area of origin. This guarantees they're free from pesticides and chemicals, maximizing their nutritional benefits and promoting a healthier you.

Compostable or Reusable Packaging

In our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, we use 100% backyard compostable bags for packaging, mindful of the importance of soil health to our ecosystem. Our labels are made from compostable sugar cane or wood pulp, and we champion sustainable practices via our reusable glass and tin containers to reduce waste.

Grown Sustainably & Fairly - Traded

Aiming at sustainability, the ingredients and herbs we use at Adapt Daily are sustainably sourced, grown responsibly by small scale farmers. We choose ingredients with traceable origins, we promote fair trade, and support local communities, helping the sustainability of agriculture.

Free From Grain Spawn, Toxins, And GMO

Our top priority is your wellbeing, which is why all our ingredients and herbs undergo third-party testing for purity, heavy metals, and are certified free from mycotoxins and synthetic vitamins. We assure you, our products contain no mycelium, no GMOs—only pure, clean, nourishing ingredients designed to adapt to your health needs.

Our Commitment

Our Founders Message

I believe every decision we consciously make as a company can contribute to a healthier planet. 

Each AdaptDaily product embodies responsible farming, ethically sourced ingredients, and earth-first packaging  to help nourish you while honouring the earth and its cultivators. 

We've made it our mission to prioritize compostable or reusable packaging for all of our products. And it's not a passing trend for us, but an integral part of our business model. Each package we ship not only delivers wellness to your door but also contributes towards a healthier planet. - Amber

Pioneering custom wellness.

We stand at the frontier of personalized holistic health. Our goal is to foster your health by tuning into your unique needs. We can create an individualized care plan that evolves with you, for you, while respecting Mother Earth.

Diet Change For Climate Change

Grab your FREE One Month Plant Based Nutriton Workbook curated by our CEO. Complete with easy recipes, meal plans, and a shopping list. This workbook is your key to a successful transition to a healthful plant-based diet.

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Herbal Pages

Book Club

By @ambernaturally

Join our Herbal Pages  online book club for FREE to delve into sustainable living, eco-friendly practices, and herbal wisdom! Read on own or connect in our private Facebook group and participate in monthly Zoom discussions. 

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