We Care About Our
Health - in a Way That Fits Our Reality. 

Look, even as "Wellness Advocates", we totally get that sometimes life can get in the way. Nourishing yourself with the ingredients you need to thrive - including not only food & herbs, but also community, sunlight, and self-care - can sometimes feel like a struggle and a half.

That's why we love adaptogenic herbs: they meet you where you're at.  

Up until now, taking adaptogens to boost your resilience against both mental & physical stress, has meant often inconvenient powders which you need to disguise the taste of in food or beverages, several ginormous capsules, or alcohol-based tinctures (ew!). 

That didn't fly with our on-the-go boho-cosmo lifestyle, so we decided to infuse all-natural non-GMO gummies with a potent dose of our favourite most efficacious herbs in a synergistic blend that we literally FEEL the awesome effects from. Easy, peasy.

Join the Magic.

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